Objects in the Mirror

After surviving a tumultuous upbringing in war-torn Liberia, Shedrick Yarkpai has found a new home in a sunny, coastal Australian city. Safe from the horrific perils of guerrilla soldiers and refugee camps, Shedrick now faces a different type of danger: the haunting memories stirring inside him. Inspired by writer Charles Smith’s friendship with a Liberian refugee-turned-acclaimed-actor, the playwright crafts a harrowing story of personal honor vs. familial obligation and the responsibility that comes with being a survivor.

“Visual portrait of jet-fueled dislocation and migration that you don’t have to have been a refugee to have felt.” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune.

“This is a masterful drama on every level.” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“This ensemble takes what is already a damn-near perfect play and turns it into one of the year’s most essential productions.” – Kevin Greene, Newcity Stage